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Got a lot done work-wise.  Nice.  I need to do some training tomorrow so it will be easy-going at least until midweek next week.

The order of the day was to go to the welcome banquet and then have the pre-race briefing.  Picked up the coach and his girlfriend (surprise) from the airport.  Afterwards, we stopped over at Marty’s condo to talk to Mike.  We then headed back to Waikoloa so the coach’s girl could take a shower before the feed.

We got there in time.  It didn’t take very long to get food and drinks, and you could have kept going back for seconds if you wanted too.  There were at least a thousand people in the lot, so that was impressive.  The welcome ceremonies got underway–very big production.  The local Hawaiian ritual and dances were very appropriate.  The presentations were very nicely done–including a look back to the early years and the presence of at least 4 of the 12 original “ironmen”.  The repeat ironman racers were acknowledged and so were the newbies like us (all 800 strong).

After 8PM, the pre-race briefing was given.  It was very informative, especially the visual presentation of seven meters between bikes.  Wow–you could let a truck in in-between.  Met a Badwater notable–David Goggins, who is a Navy SEAL stationed in San Diego.  He was offered a slot by the Navy to do the Ironman.  Apparently, it is part of the Navy tradition to have at least three athletes do it every year.

Our group talked a while behind the finish stage (and also the bike in/out run out area).  After some race strategy discussion, we proceeded to head our separate ways so we can get some rest.

The plan tomorrow is to turn in the bike, helmet, and then the bike and run transition bags.  The special needs bags for the bike and run will be turned in on race day.

Long, long day today.

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