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Day 3 of the Ironman Camp.

Basically a swim day. We had a few minutes recapping what was talked about in Day 1. Afterwards, we headed to the Pier area. They took a picture of the group, with me sitting down with some of the pros. Nice to be short sometimes. An Ironman photographer took a picture of the group as well.

I concentrated on the form that was suggested by the coaches from the last round. Seems to work great; I didn’t get a remark this time from anyone. Coach Dan did mention that I’m a bit squarish in the water; he suggested that I reach and rotate to fix. He told me later that I was moving well in the water this time. So we did another 3K distance today–good long workout!

The interval workouts were difficult–if you don’t train like this, you’ll never get used to it in a day or two. It was great to test drafting in water. Also, having to swim in a crowd with so much chaos. Great practice!

There was a short question and answer period after the swim. The entire group then said our goodbyes and promised to yell out to each other on the race course. Found the massage tent and had a San Diegan (Asher) work on my legs post-bike workout. He isolated the hamstring knots in no time–getting them out was a painful affair! It felt good after though. He also attacked some muscle deep in my glutes (attached to the spine). He said that those muscles were so knotted up and that I should be able to run more freely now. He suggested that I concentrate on stretches to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Afterwards, I stopped by the coffee place and got some ice cream for the ride back to Waikoloa. Hit the spot!

By the way, the festive atmosphere in Kona is reaching fever-stage. Many athletes arrive today and tomorrow, so it will be a zoo by then. Have to go in tomorrow to register, on Thursday for the pasta dinner and a briefing, on Friday to turn in the bike, Saturday for the race, and finally Sunday for the awards banquet.

I’m taking it easy today after three full days of too much action!

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