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Day 2 of the Ironman Camp.

A little tired. Packed up my bike and did get there at 7:30. The room was still closed, so I watched the early morning swimmers at the pier.

Today was bike day. The morning was filled with a lecture about bike stuff; they went into how to do the course, segmenting it as you go along.

After that lecture, we headed out to Kawaihae. About seven miles north of Waikoloa. We parked just south of town up on the hill, where the highway 270 merges with 19.

The group headed out, mainly going at the pace each person was comfortable with. I started out in the back, but soon passed a few people. I didn’t want to expend any more energy, so I just took the time to verify my knowledge of the climb to Haw’i (pronounced Havee’).

Sure enough, the crosswinds and headwinds sorta hit you from every direction. It was often so, that I could hardly trust myself to take my hands off the handle bars. The winds were such that it threatened to lift the front tire and push it sideways. The headwinds were also such that I was going 18 mph and suddenly found myself at 12 mph in an instant. After seeing how another athlete was spinnning up the hill, I started doing the same thing and working up the hill consistently despite the winds.

I did get to Hav’i in pretty decent time from Kawaihae. I think they said the ride was 40 miles, so 20 miles one way. I did the out-and-back in 2:06. The ride down was fast; I probably averaged around 24 mph. Some crosswinds still, but the tail winds when present made for some mad speed. I maxed at 29 even when I was being conservative.

The one thing I learned is that I should think about investing in a drink bottle that mounts on the aerobars. It’s not uncommon for cyclists to not be able to get a drink in this segment. I was only able to take sips twice, and my bottles were still heavy after 40 miles. Took a nap on the way back (I did the same on the way there). I know the course pretty well from Kawaihae to Kailua-Kona.

In the afternoon, we had a nutrition class. Prior to that, we got a visit from another pro–Chris Lieto. He was leading last year when he made a mistake with his nutrition plan and was passed my Macca on the run. He seems pretty optimistic about his chances this year. His short talk was funny and informative.

By the way, two other pros attended the class. Haley Cooper of Spokane, Washington went on the bike with us and stayed the entire day. Another, Lindsey (couldn’t catch her name) gave some points about the bike course and will join us for the swim tomorrow. Katya Meyers rode with us and then skipped the afternoon. I imagine she will be around tomorrow.

I got back to Waikoloa late tonight. Went to Bongo Ben’s to attend the Lifesport dinner. Had me two servings of drinks and had some salad. Nice dinner. Talked to Colleen at length–she is from Wisconsin and had won a lottery slot too. But she has done several Ironman races (IMOO 4 times).

Such a long day! Thinking I should do Haw’i from Waikoloa once more this coming week!

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