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The day started early. Day 1 of the Official Ford Ironman World Championship Camp at King Kamehameha Hotel. I was one of two first-timers who got in through the lottery, although there was one other who got through the lottery too but is a second-timer at Kona.

The morning was filled with swim class, and then drills on the swim course. The class of 15 covered 3K, supported by two kayaks. I was DFL on the way back, but no worries. The coach gave the entire class a thumbs-up regarding their ability to cover the distance on race day.

The afternoon started at 2, after what seemed like a long lunch break. Found my favorite local restaurant, the Kau Kau Kona next to the DMV. Not too far away from Ali’i Drive. We had a class on running after which we went to do a one hour class at the mythic Energy Labs area. The weather was cool, so we didn’t get the whole furnace effect while we were there. I covered about 8 miles in one hour. Did I say it wasn’t too hot? (Picture above of Lindsay Davenport, from Canada–hamming it up for the camera)

In the class, I met a pro-triathlete. No other than Katya Meyers also from San Diego, CA (her website). Paul Regensburg at Lifesport is her coach, and he asked her to attend the class this weekend. Sweet girl. I can say that–she is only 28. She is fast at everything, but she doesn’t make any more out of it. Cool.

I seem to have been adopted for swim improvement by the coaches (Paul, Bruce, and Dan) only because of my DFL status in the swim. No big deal. We go out again on Monday for the full distance, so that will be a good swim then.

Took good pictures, but can’t load them yet. WordPress is having a fit.

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