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Woke up early, 5ish to sign on for work. Got some work done before the teleconference at 8AM.

Spent about an hour assembling the bike. I then road-tested it around the Waikoloa complex, basically tightening screws here and there and making sure everything is working. The shifter works nicely (still have the minute feel of the lowest gear 1-2). Made sure that the handles were straight, and that the aero bars were set comfortably. The bike rides nice, especially with the new tires they installed. Oh, and I got new chains too. Same type as before (for a 9 gear), and works well with sudden acceleration.

After some struggle with something work-related, I finally was able to plan today’s workout. I would cut out from work at 5PM Pacific Time, or 2PM Hawaii Time. Which means I would do the run at exactly the same time I was expected to dismount the bike and go into the run.

I was supposed to do a 40 minute Z2 run today. It was pretty easy all around, but didn’t have my GPS/HRM with me because of what I planned to do later. Decided to go as far as 35 minutes turnaround, making the total runtime at 1:10. Interesting decision. 37 minutes into the run, I found myself on Highway 19 in front of Mauna Lani. That is north of the light where the helicopter pad is. About 3 miles away from Waikoloa.

The cyclists I saw on the highway were grinning when they said Hi. We all knew why we were out there. Of course, I was the only one foolish enough to run. Temps were around 86 degrees, but with the lava fields it easily went into the high 90s. And no shade to speak of.

It was uncomfortable to be out there in the heat, but I didn’t run out of water at all. I just had to shut my mind, which was thinking too logically about why I should be out there. I ran right into Waikoloa’s Anaeho’omalu Bay beach, which was 8 miles after I started running. Nice way to end the run.

Took off my shoes, socks, headgear, and shirt. I was in the water. Brought the older goggles this time, so it leaked as expected. The goal this time was just to get comfortable in the water without my wetsuit. I had to be conservative about how far I went (not very) and for how long (not long), since I was still getting to know the beach. Oh, and I did see sea urchins in the shallows–made sure I went into the sand before I stood up. Made me wish I had brought my beach shoes.

I would swim several hundred yards right where the diving boats were anchored. There was a buoy that tried to tempt me, but decided for the better that I wasn’t going to go out there yet. I was like a seal in the water, bobbing in and out. Geez–my swim training is just plain amazing. The last time I was in Kona, I could swim but unsure of myself. Now, I can swim forever but have to be careful because there is no telling where I’d end up going!

After I dried up, I put on my running gear and ran back to the condo. Saw one runner going to the beach. Didn’t look like a triathlete, but we exchanged hellos anyway. Nice way to end the day. Happy and tired.

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Nothing much has changed about the island-hopping thing.  Although I did enjoy the roomy Hawaiian jet that USAir partnered with.  Found a food court near the gate in Honolulu; had a late meaty lunch there.

Arrived in Kona at 5:45 Hawaii time.  Got the van, which was the perfect size for my large gear.  The bike box barely made it intact.  Talked to this one other athlete from Canada who had one of those wheelie hard-sides.  Nice.

Went to Kailua-Kona to get breakfast/food stuff.  Plenty of roadwork around Kailua.  First noticed the orange signs stating “Caution: Ironman Athletes in Training”.

Headed back to Waikoloa (near the Marriott/Hilton complex) just south of Hapuna State Beach.  Had trouble finding the condo, but finally tracked it down after about 25 minutes of driving in circles.

ResortQuest is a gated community, next to a golf course.  Very nice–1970ish condos but very roomy.  And I’ll be the only one here until the coach arrives next week sometime.  Very lovely location and nice sweeping views as well.  Breeze from the ocean too.

Tested out my AT&T wireless, and it seems to be great even for VPN.  Unpacked my clothes, ate some cereal, and then turned in very very tired.

I’m here, NOW!

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