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A few (4) triathletes from our bulletin board are racing IMFL tomorrow. You can follow real-time tracking via this thread at the kickrunner’s multisports forum: IMFL tracking thread

The race starts at about 6:45AM Eastern Time in the United States. The IM race doesn’t end until midnight so check the MSF tracking thread throughout the day. It promises to be fun!

I’m going to be Mr. ADD tomorrow with so many things going on.

(posted on 10/31/2008 10:00PM Pacific)

(time update 11/1/2008 3:20 Pacific)

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I’m going to see about getting to IMFL or IMAZ next year. Could have signed up for LP or WI (all I needed to do was press the register button on Active–yup, that close); it was premature given I haven’t gotten to Kona yet. This time, I need a 140.6 for next year and either will do. Great races to close a season with.

  • Vineman 70.3–Saturday, 11/1/2008 12:01AM PST (want to do this one just because)
  • Registration times for US events are as follows:
    • Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene- Monday, June 23, 2008 9:00AM-11:00AM
    • Ford Ironman Lake Placid- Monday, July 21, 2008 9:00AM-11:00AM
    • Ford Ironman Wisconsin- Monday, September 8, 2008 9:00AM-11:00AM
    • Ford Ironman Florida- Sunday, November 2, 2008 9:00AM-11:00AM
    • Ford Ironman Arizona- Monday, November 24, 2008 7:00AM-9:00AM

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What is CrossFit?

I don’t know everything about it, but they do have a website.

It seems to be  an outgrowth of focused training by the U.S. military for whatever activity a soldier engages in.  I remember what PT sessions were like in the military, and if you do those every day you will reach a great level of fitness in a number of weeks.

I know when I cross-train, I do focus on core exercises for triathlon-specific needs.  So in a way, if you cross-train you are doing some of this.  The main difference seems to be the intensity of the CrossFit sessions versus my laid-back workout style.  Apparently they settle on a round of exercises that are distinct, and try to do it one after another with little or no rest in between.  Like I said, I don’t know everything.  This is just what I’m hearing.

As with any exercise method, it can be taken to extremes.  I’ve heard of a few people developing overuse injuries because of it though.  I think you can go crazy with it after a certain point, but as always–get there slowly and cautiously.

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Have you ever seen the series “Iconoclasts” on Sundance? Tonight, it just happened to feature Tony Hawke and John Favreau. You know who Tony Hawke is, the face of skateboarding. He lives up in Carlsbad a couple of miles from my town. John Favreau was an actor in one of my favorite movies, “Rudy”. He got more famous for directing “Ironman”. He also wrote “Swingers”.

So they put these two guys from different worlds and see if they can view the other’s life in their counterpart’s perspective. Kinda cool actually. The biggest thing about these two is that they are not really that different. Both are massively successful and both are humble. Just two normal guys who found ways to make things happen doing what they love. Tony Hawke said about Favreau, “I can learn something from John. He is like me, in that we see failure as something to learn from. You fail one project and then you move on. You don’t spend much time stewing, but you learn from it and try not to do it next time.”. Something like that.

I’m going to watch more of this series. It is refreshing.

Training update:

Ran track at 7:30s. 4X1600 with 30 sec rest in between. 1 mile warmup and then 1 mile cooldown. So 6 miles altogether. I think my lungs are coming back. My coughing after a good effort is less this time than before. Maybe that volcano stuff is no longer in my lungs!  The early miles are still hard for me; I tend to slowly ramp up, getting to race speed after miles 4-6.  So launching into Z3 right away is just nuts.  The coaches did try to slow me down since I just came back from an IM.  They said I was running way to fast for recovery.

Went to the gym afterwards and did 1 hour just experimenting with weights again. Stuff that I used to do with ease I can only do a half-stack. Very weak from neglect. I’m sure my legs are the only part of me that hasn’t weakened. Give it time.

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I guess he is in the desert today.   Sahara, North Africa.   I wonder who is taking those photos?  It can’t be comfortable for a support crew in that heat.  Can’t recall if he said he won the 2007 version of this race.  Let’s see how he places this year.  Can’t be too many crazies running from sand dune to sand dune.

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Exquisite pain!

I had a few minutes after lunch, so I decided to stop my the chair massage place at the mall.  I drew this guy that usually gives the hardest massage.  Don’t mind it, because you do get your money’s worth.

It began soon after he started and just before he finished.  My back and shoulder muscles seem so stiff and unyielding.  He would put an elbow to a muscle group, and pretty soon I would feel all the way down my shoulder blades.  Such exquisite pain!  So I was squirming some, but I did enjoy subjecting myself to this newfangled torture.  Anyway, he seemed like he had to work hard during my massage.

Ahh, one of the benefits of working out too much!

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The last of the big series, IM Arizona is coming up.  After that, winter comes even to San Diego.  Training-wise anyway.

When I was doing straight marathons, there was no end to the seasons.  You can run forever.  You notice it getting cold and the temps getting gradually warmer to the summer months.  But marathons abound even in winter so why stop?

I know I need to keep up my bike and swim to improve.  Somehow it won’t be as satisfying if I show up next season with the same level of skill in both segments.  It would hardly justify my time with the BT group.  We’ll see.

I declared winter 2008-2009 my “Mindless Training Period“.  I guess I can easily do this each year because activity slows down enough.  I want to develop a stronger upper body and keep my core powerful.  For some reason, I want to look better in photos for the next TRI season.  Not too bulky, but not like a pencil either.  So vain.  My plan is to hit the gym 3 times per week, the pool once a week, at least 60 miles on the bike per week, the usual long runs on the weekends, and then some above pool deck swim form instruction.  Need to keep detailed records to ensure consistency.

Training update:

Did 2 hours at the gym last night.  Hit the machines and some weights.  Backed off on my favorites, the incline leg press (360) and the leg raises (150-210 progression).  I’ll so the usual weight maybe on Saturday.  I had some stiffness in my hamstrings last Sunday, which might have been caused by doing the incline press at almost full stack after a track practice.  Felt good overall after the gym session.  I’ll start to keep detailed notes on what I’m doing at the gym for the MTP season.

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