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I’m supposed to go to Borrego Springs tomorrow to do a 3-hour ride.  Let’s hope I can wake up after today’s century and tonight’s party.  We are doing Borrego Springs mainly for heat training.

Just did my final OW swim in San Diego yesterday.  Nice swim like always.  I’ll have to do some short half-milers out in Kona before the race.

I’m not content about my long runs yet.  I may do one 21 miler on Monday, making that my last training session in San Diego.

The coach has me doing a few short sessions as part of the taper in Kona.  I’m also attending a seminar next weekend meant to introduce triathletes to the scorcher that is Kona–the seminar is touted as giving you more tools to ensure you finish IM Kona in style.

I guess you can call my training done.  It is what it is.  Finishing fast was never my goal; rather, it was to experience the race course with the world’s best triathletes.  Looking forward to it!

Packing my bike on Monday.  Having the local bike store (where I bought the bike from) check the bike and pack it for the flight.  I’m having them change the chain and the whole interior/exterior tire sets front and back.  I’ll have to test out the bike again several times in Kona to ensure things are a go.

Kona–here I come!

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Carrot on a stick!

I decided that as surely as this Ironman is a test of endurance, I should reward myself with something to make it worthwhile.

So if I make it under 13 hours, I will go with a commemorative watch. If I make it under 14 hours, I will go with an every day automatic watch. Brand new of course!

I’m thinking about linking my finish times with a charitable component. Stay tuned!

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Bike saddle comfort article

Good article.  Here it is.

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Sister Madonna (video)


She is an inspiring triathlete.  Makes my present and past struggles seem so puny.  I hope you get inspired by her devotion, regardless of your faith.

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That sums it up, don’t you think?

I’m doing centuries now (100 mile bike sessions), and my open water swims are a minimum 2-mile distance.

Ramping up the running miles as well, so I can get used to running long after a bike transition. A little different from just marathoning, because the energy stores are tapped out after the bike. Mixing in some tempo and MP runs to get used to speed again.

I think my obsessive-compulsive tendencies will work for me this month. No more free days until the early October taper.

My concern during this period is to stay healthy and safe. And of course to get ready to do well in Kona. That’s it. Wish me luck!

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