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Here is an update as far as my TRI training.

It has been a real struggle with scheduling. I’m also having to find the best combination as far as what types of training to get into, given the max of 4 hours I have to train each day. Plus there are scheduled OFF days.

I was aware that I can go the HIM distance (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 run) by week 8. That was roughly around June 24th or so. Got a sense from the fitness I got at that point that any HIM I enter would be completed in a half-decent time.

As of today, I have done at least 1 1.5 mile open water swims. Most of my swims are at the 1 mile distance. I’ve done bike training sessions at 112 miles (1), 56 miles (2). Road biking at <50 (3). Just been keeping up with my long runs each weekend (min 18-21 miles) added on top to the track workouts where we cover about 3 miles each time.

Regarding swim training, I’ve done 5K distances non-stop (3), 3-4K distances non-stop (5), 2K-5K workouts (15). I’ve been out on open water race simulation (2) and also coached (7).

I feel that my current training is coming along well. I need to ramp up my bike training/road cycling sessions to go beyond 56 miles from this point onwards. The coach said that we will do several 2 mile open water swims so that open water swimming will not be an issue at all.

The biggest hurdle I think is to keep healthy while handling a heavy training workload. I’ve been done in at least twice already (illness), but not bad enough to cause loss of any training week.

My goal is to do at least 5 70+ miles on the bike, and at least 3 2+ miles open water swim. I also have to make sure I keep up with my long runs each weekend.

My TRI training log summary looks like this (April 20, 2008 – August 5, 2008). I’ve been logging entries consistently.

  • Exp — Open Water (9)
  • Workout — Added (6)
  • Workout — Bike (19)
  • Workout — Brick (14)
  • Workout — Run (13)
  • Workout — Summary (6)
  • Workout — Swim (24)
  • Workout — Swim Mechanics (13)
  • Workout — Track (9)
  • Workout — Weights (6)

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High Tech Bikes over in Kearny Mesa


Team meet.  Sponsors introduce products.  General Q&A Session


It looked like everyone came in directly from work.  Weird to see everyone in street attire (as opposed to TRI outfits).  Some in the room were delighted to take pictures to remember normal-looking people by.

The sponsors showed new products for 2009.  ZOOT showed some TRI-specific racing shoes (draining holes, slightly longer lip to make slipping in easier, easy-pull lacing system, lightest material, reinforced where it needs to be). FLUID gave away hats and water bottles, plus annual discount cards for their drinks.  DESOTO introduced their new line of TRI wear.

The Q&A session was really useful.  Found out about what are in the plans: destination trips, short travels, buddy training system, updates to the website, new races.  We also discussed many issues and how to start resolving these.  The coaches will outline what was discussed and then make an action plan to address questions.

Here are a sample of issues that were discussed:

  1. buddy training plans
  2. introduction of new members to the team
  3. scheduling for swim sessions and pool lane rentals
  4. coordinating SAT bike rides
  5. announcing future races on the website
  6. getting a female TRI coach
  7. security for equipment while doing brick workouts
  8. how to make everyone happy when the needs are different
  9. how to get the coaches attention when in team training mode

It seems like all of the concerns that I placed in the back of my head were brought up.  I did mention to the coach that if they want to do something that is somewhat scary, they should consider doing a quarterly customer satisfaction survey.  It’s a good way to gauge how the team feels and how the coaches are doing–that is if they really want to know.

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