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So for two days in a row I was out in the open for at least two hours each.  This would be early morning to noon.  Temps around 90+.

Normally I don’t mind the heat when I’m inside.  But since I’m out there, I really feel it.  I drink plenty of fluids and the ocean breeze does help a little.  I think it’s just a hot day when even the SPF 45 sunblock can’t keep the skin from becoming fried.

As of today, I’m on vacation mode.  That means, all training-related tasks are set aside so the final plans are set in motion for the trip.  Yuck–I feel like I’m going back to a flabby state already.  I should be headed out to Asia on Tuesday and be talking a different language by Thursday.   Hope I can find ways to maintain my fitness while I’m away.

Don’t know if I’m packing my GPS watch.  There is a power conversion issue, and I’d rather not pack anything I might mind losing.  It would be cool to post some data from my running over there though.  I’m sure I’ll be using my older running shoes to get around; in case I get a chance to, I’ll just get out of the hotel and start running!

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