Archive for June 16th, 2008

Attended a group swim/run.  Thought it would be short, but the coach said a mile swim and a 40 minute run.  Didn’t think much about it–completed the swim in slow time due to leaky goggles (new) and also helped out a new swimmer reach the mile mark.  She’s only done half-milers before.  The run was great.

I decided to watch a movie since I haven’t done it in months.  Watched Indiana Jones.  It was fun but the SciFi angle kinda pushed the story to the edge.  Would have liked the son and the psycho girl to have fallen for each other; it might have been a fun side-story.

After I got back, I did a long run of 21 miles.  Long slow distance that is.  After I got done, I was truly spent.  No energy at all.  I slept good last night!

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