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Track workout today

10 min easy
10 min drill

4 X 400 Z3 @ :30 sec rest
2 X 200 Z4 @ :20 sec rest
4 X 800 Z3 @ :30 sec rest
2 X 200 Z4 @ :20 sec rest

10 min cool down

Since the coach said Z3 should be 5K pace and I never ran a Z3 at a perceived 5K pace, I decided it should be around 6:30 since I can manage a 7:15 pace for a half-marathon.

So I maintained a 6:30 for each Z3 and then a 5:15 for each Z4. The 5:15 is just the number I spotted in the middle of the 200; that segment is too fast and you really only get to see your watch once. Parts of the 200 may show a lower figure, but around 5-ish is what I was going for.

This was a true track workout since it was challenging and it asked me to run at my current fitness level. I’m sure the coach would have wanted me to slow down, but my perceived 5K is spot on and I really would have felt like a slacker at anything slower than a 6:30.

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