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I don’t know–scheduled this visit to my old hometown way before I knew what was in store for me this year. So it will take some discipline to keep training while visiting the Philippines. Looking forward to it, but at the same time I dread having to slow down on my training.

My question for you is:

1) Are there day-use gyms that I can use in Cebu?

2) Are early-morning runs of short to moderate duration okay health-wise? What time does the smog build up when running becomes uncomfortable?

3) Does anyone know of a tri-coach I might be able to work with in Cebu? My visit is two weeks long.

I can see it now–I get so fat and come back losing at least half of my gains in the last 6 weeks. Don’t think I’d lose any of my running base because I got years of it. More concerned about the bike and the swim aspects.

So if you know some answers to my burning questions, please drop me a line. I’d really appreciate it.

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