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I do my ocean swims over at La Jolla Cove, a 4-mile route one way.  The problem with the cove is that it is a  must-see tourist location, so finding parking is always a premium.  I used to wince every time the coach says to meet at a time when you know everyone is out there.  Not anymore!

I got myself a cheap touring bike, the kind with soft seats and the usual gears.  I installed a seatpost-mounted shelf to carry gear on.  Also installed lights (front and back) but don’t have batteries in these yet.

So today, I took the bike out to the cove and back.  The way back has a big hill, a good 700 ft climb.  Not too bad if the gears are worked properly.  But it does give you a good burn anyway.  After I got home, I decided to visit the post office.  Before heading back home, visited Robek’s juice and enjoyed the late afternoon sipping a fruit smoothie.

So for an 11 mile route, my gas bill was ZERO.  The only thing to watch out for is drivers not seeing you.  There are plenty of bike routes in my town, but you’ll never know so you have to ride defensively.  Anyway, I might be starting a trend.  My coach is thinking he should do the same thing too.

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