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So I met this lady today who told me she was bored with running.  Huh?  How can that be?

She equated marathoning to giving birth.  Got to admit, it’s an apt description.  You don’t mind the start and finish, but somewhere after the mid-stage you will ask yourself “why do I do this to myself?”.

I mentioned I learn something new in every race.  Told her I delighted in knowing I still have a lot of energy after mile 21.  She seemed to understand what I meant by that.

For training, she runs with a friend.  She also pushes a stroller with her two kids in it.  She casually mentions there are hills in her neighborhood.  Don’t know–maybe she just hasn’t gotten to the point of knowing what motivates her.  Someone who can run with a heavy stroller up any hill is stronger than me in my book.

She’s done San Diego Rock & Roll five times.  Maybe that’s why she’s bored.  She should branch out and do more races elsewhere.  She was happy to talk about her experience in Fort Collins (Colorado), where the course has a 14-mile downhill section.  Fried her quads.  Told her I am a downhill specialist.  Ha ha.  So true though.

Anyway, it was fun to talk to this lady.  I guess she’s happy with 11 marathons in 4 years.  Maybe that is all that’s in her tank.  Some only do one time and that’s it.  Guess can’t ask for more.

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