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I just got back.  Palos Verdes is right next to Long Beach.  Very pretty course and a grand view over the water (you see Catalina Island).

It was fun, but unfortunately we were running under a heat wave.  It might have reached 100 degrees F by noon.  I soaked my shirt with water, but I still had the tendency to overheat.

As in Chicago, I passed plenty of runners who were suffering from the heat.  I always knew I was a warm weather person, and I do a good job with heat management strategies during the race.  I know this running couple who are pretty fast (they sometimes win their age groups or races outright).  They ran the same race today, and they finished minutes behind me.  Definitely a weather thing going on, because me finishing in front of them never happens.

I’m hiding from the heat in my house.  I’m going to bed right now.  I’ve had enough of the outside for the day.

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