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My world today 3/26/2008

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These things always are pretty disruptive psychologically. Even if you try to be stoic, it will affect you as only past history and old memories will. I don’t even remember these ladies too well, but still the shared history cries out for a moment in the present. That is, to be re-hashed and reviewed. Unfortunately, memory is now faulty and many images are just beyond recall.

I did enjoy myself thoroughly. You can’t have much time to think about yourself, in the presence of so much input and activity. I can remember my stomach being slightly upset the entire weekend. Something that even multi-marathoning or ultra-marathoning won’t cause. Not even jumping out of airplanes.

They got kids that in a few years will face the independence of adulthood. I don’t know–time has passed me by it seems. My default status as an uncle has caused me much time un-lived and un-experienced. Still, I can’t say I mind the peace and quiet I’ve had all these years.

Sure, there are age-lines now. Some of us have stayed true to our early adulthood shapes and features. Some have not. But that is the true test of time isn’t it–to see if we can age gracefully but not age too soon before our time.

I face another one in late June, but in the Philippines this time. That will be more disruptive, as it involves a visit to my old school and old neighborhoods. Thirty years is just too long. Maybe, just maybe I won’t even recognize things. If a reunion of three overwhelms, I can see total chaos in a reunion of forty and their families.

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