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I went to the L.A. Fitness gym over in Sorrento Valley.  It was time for my bi-weekly cross-training session.

I usually turn my watch timer on.  Machines–45 minutes.  Treadmill–easy 3 miles, 30 minutes.  Laps–10, 20 minutes.  Sauna–10 minutes.  It then takes me 15 minutes to get showered and dressed.  So within a 2 hour session, I cover what I need to cover at the gym.

Since I only have 45 minutes on machines, I have to be choosy.  I hit the chest pulls, the abdominals, the lower back/upper back, deltoids, leg lifts, biceps, overhead pulls.  Sometimes, I even have time to work on laterals for my upper legs and glutes.  Depends on how crowded the floor is, and how chatty the young women are; it takes them forever to get through 12*3 reps.

Tonight, I could only muster  20 minutes on the treadmill or 2 miles.  I came in late.  But I did manage the 10 laps in the pool, by doing two sets of five laps each.  My swim endurance is coming back!  I have been doing 5 sets of 2 laps each in the last two weeks.  The two longer sets tonight felt really good!  Looking forward to getting to my previous endurance at a continuous 20 laps and up.

I envy the ladies on the ellipticals.  The motion is just so flawless and has no impact, I can’t believe I’m not on it more.  But there is never enough time in a day.  Maybe on an off-night.

Since bulk is not good for runners, I have to avoid it now.  But looking across the hall at all those free weights and contraptions, I long for those carefree days of unending hours at the gym.  Maybe when running becomes less important, I can go back to being muscular again.

Working out at the gym always makes me feel good.  If I can get away from work anyway.

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